A Room Just for Boys – Project #1

The first room I wanted to decorate was my boys’ room. I wanted them to move in and be excited about their new home. I wanted them to come in and see their new room, finished. It didn’t of course work out this way, even with the extra month of time to move in, but it didn’t take too long to get this room finished and my boys loved it all the same

I had been planning their room long before the house was finished. Knowing they would need matching twin beds, I searched for well over a year until two popped up for a bargain price at a local thrift store. I painted them dark gray, as requested by my four year old. I had also collected two white quilts and two matching duvets. I love the duvets from Ikea! They are striped on one side and checkered pattern on the other side so they can be changed up a little by flipping them over. I found this great jute stripped rug on rugsusa.com. Eventually, I found two baskets to put at the foot of the beds for storing extra blankets and all those stuffed animals. The nightstands used to be in our bedroom and I changed the knobs to seem more fitting for a boy’s room. The lamps were also from our old bedroom and I just changed the shades. So here’s how it turned out!



The day before we moved in, we made a big trip to Ikea for our new sofa and some dressers. Of course I also stocked up on some other décor goodies! One idea I found on Pinterest the day before our trip became a big feature in the boys’ room. Between the two small windows I used picture ledges to display all their books. It added some color to the wall and they can also easily get their books when they want to look at them. This is their favorite part of the room and was really easy and inexpensive. That beautiful painting was custom made for my oldest by my momma, who is a very talented artist. You can find her artwork at glendashulleeta.com. There are definitely perks to having an artist for a momma and free artwork is one of them, hahah!


The boys are sharing a room but I wanted to still give them their own space and part of that was making sure they each had their own closet. The two closets on each side of the window create a cute nook. I have plans to put a built in bench under the window in that nook. In fact it was on our building plans but it didn’t happen. We’ll get to it eventually but for now these two little chairs are working out nicely.


One thing I love about decorating is finding bargains and being able to design  room on a small budget. Here are some of my favorite finds for the boys’ room!

Finding these adorable red checkered knobs, half off at Hobby Lobby gave a new purpose to these tired night stands. Of course I have to include my yard sale finds! The awesome hand carved wooden truck was five dollars from a yard sale a couple years ago. It just reminded me of something one of Santa’s elves would make in their workshop. I painted it red and it became a really cute decoration. The small wooden box, the boys are using to store their play costumes, was just two dollars and the antique rocking chair was ten dollars.

Everyone has been telling me it takes a long time to get everything the way you want it in a new home. Everything is still a work in progress and we are getting ready to make some DIY chore charts and hang a big magnet board for their artwork. The boys seem to be enjoying their new room and so it would seem project room #1 is complete (for now, hehehe)!

2 thoughts on “A Room Just for Boys – Project #1

  1. Love your farmhouse and decor! After looking at your blog, I realized we have some crazy similarities. I guess it goes to show how small our world can be at times. I recognized your inspiration houses. As a matter of fact, I currently live in Hallsley and also looked at The Maple and talked to the builder about building it. I had a difficult time with the main living area too. We currently live in a Victorian, but want to simplify. We bought some land in VA near Wintergreen and plan to build a farmhouse type there. Enjoy your little boys! My girls are in college and time really does go so fast.


    1. It is crazy how small a world we live in! I’ve gotten a couple emails from people who happen to live near by. I took many trips to Hallsley for inspiration. It’s a beautiful neighborhood. Thanks for checking out my blog and congratulations on your land and building a new home!


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