Home Sweet Home

Hello there! It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Okay, it’s been a very long while! Well part of that is because we got the key to officially move in to our new home almost exactly a month after my last post, March 24. Not only was I busy moving, unpacking, and settling in but I also didn’t have any wifi, ahhhhh! We finally got satellite and wifi by mid summer but by then I was busy preparing for and then welcoming our new baby boy, who I can’t believe is 8 weeks old now. It’s been a busy but exciting year to say the least!

So I should be catching up on some laundry or even more important, sleep but instead I really wanted to catch up a little on this blog. I’ve been excited to share how the building process turned out and how we are now in our new house which has become our home sweet home. Like I mentioned we got the key to the house and could move in on March 24.


Unfortunately, that time just happened to be what our family calls “busy season” aka tax season. For my accountant husband, there was no way we were moving in until after April 15th because he was not going to be able to take any days from work. So what did this five month pregnant but excited woman do… I packed my car with everything I could carry and brought it over each day. I was able to get all the small stuff, dishes, rugs, a bazillion craft supplies, and anything that might make life easier once we were officially moved in. We finally got to move in and begin our life in our new home on April 21st. From that point on I was working any time I had to make our house a home, getting our family settled, unpacked, and adjusted before I got too far in my pregnancy and before the baby arrived.

I wish I had taken even more pictures of the house before we moved in, especially the second floor but here is what our house looked like without all the furniture.

IMG_4568family room

kitchen (yes those pendants needed to be lowered, seriously)

IMG_4571dining room

IMG_4570hallway to the garage, half bath, and staircase


Peek into the office

front door and porch views

I wish I had more pictures to share but I enjoyed sharing this process of building our home through this blog and on Instagram.

I’m really looking forward to the next part and that is sharing how we are making this house a home!


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