Time to Catch up!

It’s time to catch up so I can post about all the fun things that are happening right now, like cabinets, tile, and flooring!

January 14 –  The siding was complete! We have Hardie Board Siding in the Arctic White color. In certain light it has a gray tint to it which I kinda like. It goes well with the gray mortar we picked.

January 31 – The drywall was complete!

February 14 – The trim and interior doors were completed and installed. We have stair railings and a fireplace mantel now!



Of course there were lots of other things completed the last two months such as the septic tank and drain field, the pump was placed under the house, and the HVAC was completed so we now have heat and air conditioning in the house and once we have our plumbing fixtures installed we will have running water . Our local power company also came out and got us power to the house. I’m sure there may be some things I’m forgetting , but so much happened the last two months and the exciting part is we are getting so close now to the end!

As of today, February 22 – The light fixtures are almost all hung, the cabinets have been installed, the deck and exterior stairs are almost finished, and the tile is being laid. I hope to write more posts on each of these to show you how they turned out. It’s very exciting as all the fun finishes are happening now. I’m spending a lot of time checking out things and seeing all the new improvements everyday. Yesterday our boys got to put their hand prints in the wet cement after they poured the sidewalk. It turned out really cute! I like the idea of having their little hand prints as part of the sidewalk making it special just for us. These are the little details that make this all worth it!

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