Projects and More Projects!

One of the best parts about this whole process and also the reason why anyone would go through all this work in the first place, in my opinion, is to build a house exactly the way you want it. You are designing your home from the floor plans all the way down to the fine details of trim and grout color. It’s a lot of fun at times but has also been a lot of work and even sometimes a little time consuming. In the very beginning of this process, when we were just in the planning stage, I asked our builder if we could purchase and select our own light fixtures. This was important to me because I knew I could find great fixtures that I liked at half the price on some of my favorite websites and at Lowes. Lighting fixtures in a home are one of the details that make it really special.  Another project I wanted to take on was the sink vanity in the downstairs 1/2 bathroom. I wanted something vintage and unique, maybe a vintage dresser or antique washstand with an added bowl sink.  I knew that I could take this project on myself and end up with something one of a kind and a real conversation piece for a bargain price. So that became project #2. Project #3 is really on my husband, who after having to do many home projects to get our last house ready to sell, turns out to be quite the handy man and creative wood worker. I knew I wanted sliding barn doors some where in the house. They are such an awesome way to add rustic charm and serve a functional purpose. The perfect place was from the dining room into the extra room we ended up with after moving the master bedroom upstairs. This room we plan to use as an office space. The original plans had pocket doors so it was easy to imagine switching these out for sliding doors. My husband plans to make these and we’ll buy the hardware and hang them after we move it. The last “do it ourselves” piece is the butcher block island top. To have a butcher block island top custom made through the cabinet company would have been a small fortune but instead we found several varieties of 6′ butcher block island tops at Floor and Decor. The butcher block should arrive in the next week or two and we will have to pick it up and install it to the island cabinet.

Along the way a few other projects came along. I couldn’t find any cabinet knobs I liked with the cabinet company and so I decided to find and purchase the cabinet knobs myself. I’m really excited about the bronze rooster knobs I found for my two kitchen glass cabinets. After deciding to get all the light fixtures we also ended up deciding to get our plumbing fixtures too. I mean, why not? So everything had to be purchased, picked up, organized, and then delivered the day of installation. We still have the plumbing fixtures and the knobs, although organized by room, they won’t be installed until this Thursday when the cabinets are delivered and installed.

All of this wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t completely exhausted and nauseous a good bit of the time. To add to all this excitement in our lives, we found out right before Christmas that we are expecting our third child! I’m very excited as we have been wanting a third and will now be able to go ahead and move the crib and all the baby stuff into the second bedroom. Being pregnant though has left me with little energy and this is part of why I’m so behind on this blog. I find myself asleep as soon as the kiddos are asleep, when that used to be my time to get things done. I am starting to get some energy back though and have definitely been less nauseous. So hopefully as I’m expected to be in my second trimester when we move, I’ll be feeling a little better and more energetic.

Well here’s a picture to share with you of one of our projects completed. The before and after of the vintage washstand turned vanity sink! I found the washstand and mirror at my favorite local thrift store, Class and Trash!


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