Framing Our House

It’s been awhile since I’ve written and what a busy, crazy, yet exciting month it has been. The framing process began November 1st and is still going, as they have to finish the side of the porch roof! Everyone expected the framing to be finished in about three weeks and so it has taken a little longer than planned. I just decided I’d wait for it to be finished before sharing the end result, which I’m so excited about!

The last month has been a lot of fun, watching the framing of the house. Almost everyday and definitely every weekend, we took a peek at what else had been finished. We were no longer looking at plans on paper but actually seeing our house and walking through it. There were some areas I wasn’t sure how they would feel and look but we are so happy with how it has turned out and there is definitely some great character in this house!

Well let’s get to the fun part. Here are some pictures of the framing process step by step!

Nov 1- Nov 7 – Outer walls of the first floor

Nov 9 – 15 Interior walls of the first floor and garage

Nov 17-23  Beginning of second floor


Looking into the kitchen

img_3575Hallway where the staircase will eventually be

exterior second floor


Bedroom window with a great view!

Boy’s room looking through the laundry room and cute hallway to bedrooms

Nov 24 – Dec 9 Roof and Porch

img_3901Here it is framed! This was a rainy day so I apologize for the cloudy picture. The side of the porch will be completed once the fireplace is finished. Windows and roof shingles have also been installed and I can’t wait to share pictures in my next post!

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