Decisions, Decisions!

I was warned there would be lots of decisions to make when building a house!  Since we had a lot of time between planning to build and actually starting to build, a lot of the big decisions have been made, such as the flooring and kitchen layout and cabinets. It turns out though, there are still so many decisions to make and the littlest details that I would never even have thought of, all have to be decided on. Things like the color of door hinges are questions asked on the spot and certainly not something I’ve given much thought to up until now. This is the fun part though and the best part of building your own home is getting to pick every detail of it and make it your own. In our builder’s words, “We’re just getting started!”. There’s still a whole lot of decisions yet to be made, big and small!

We did have one big important decision to make in picking out the brick just a few days before it was delivered to the site. It was the first decision so far that we have gotten to actually see on the house. My husband wasn’t able to come but I sent him pictures of bricks at the showroom and I had two really great helpers and a “YaYa” (my Mama) to help chase them around, hahah!


Below is a picture of the brick we chose. I love how it has a rustic look to it. I had the choice between a brownish mortar or gray. It was amazing to see the difference mortar makes. The gray brought out the red in the brick instead of the brown so we definitely wanted the gray mortar.


And…here it is! The foundation of the house with the brick is complete. My husband is very happy with the brick and I can feel my confidence beginning to grow seeing this decision turn out so nicely! We can clearly see the shape of the house now and as I’m writing this half of the first floor has already been framed. We expect the first floor to possibly be completely framed by this weekend. Check back soon! I’ll be sharing lots of pictures!


(my favorite side of the house, the porch side)


(the view of the house driving up)

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