A House in Sight

We were asked to decide the exact location of our house early in the process so that the drain field could be determined to work properly and the site map could be completed for the county. It wasn’t easy for me or my husband to completely visualize in the middle of the woods how our cleared site and house location would actually look. We had markers on trees and an old logging trail to help us determine where we were, but it was still questionable to me if everything was going to turn out as we hoped.  To our delight so far every part of this process has turned out to be perfect. It has been a beautiful surprise! The cleared lot is really beautiful and once we saw the footing laid for the house, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the location. We have our house positioned perfectly for privacy but yes, you can see the front of the house when you drive up! I have done so much planning and over analyzing as we waited to start building in hopes that all the planning and mistakes would be out of the way and we could just sit back and watch the magic but there are some things, as I’m learning, that you just can’t plan for. The last two weeks have been full of pleasant surprises and it’s been exciting to take the boys and see each new step of the building of our home.


(picture of the footing)

Of course there have been a few unexpected surprises as well! There was a mix up of construction plans with old and new and luckily, that got caught pretty early in the process to avoid any major mistakes. I lost a little small area I had planned to be a small mud space with a built in bench and some hooks because I didn’t catch that it had been added to the floor plans but not the foundation plans.  It was a small detail that I quickly got over as it was added at the last minute anyway. Overall I couldn’t be more happy with everything so far and we have some great people we’re working with. Our builder is a laid back guy who has helped us to customize this house exactly how we want it and our surveyor is the absolute best, who is not only a family friend, but has put in a lot of work. It was both their visions that we depended on when we stood in the middle of those woods trying to figure this all out and has turned out so perfectly. I can’t wait to see what other surprises, the expected and the unexpected, are waiting for us as we move forward on this exciting experience of building a home.






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