Breaking Ground

This past week was a roller coaster ride of emotions for us. We had excitement, sadness, and joy all in one week and sometimes even all in one day. The first day we saw the clearing for the drive and house we also received the sad news that my husband’s Granny had passed away. I will always remember her spunky personality and the great kindness she showed me when I joined the family. She will be greatly missed by us all. We always enjoy seeing family from out of town, just usually for happier occasions, and it was great to be able to share with them the first step of building the house, the cleared site. We finished the week welcoming my first nephew, who finally made me an Aunt. It was quite the week, to say the least.


View from the end of the new drive leading to the house

One of my favorite parts so far is the drive to the property. It is a beautiful gravel road through the woods which at the end opens up to a our soon to be yard. I can’t wait for us to take walks on that road. It was hard to visualize our house and yard in the middle of the woods and clearing the land really opened the view. You can see the beautiful sky and start to picture a house there with plenty of yard to play! Our boys have already taken to playing in their future yard. They found a little hole to sit in together and look out into the woods, so cute!

The site has been cleared and cleaned up and is now ready for building. The house has been staked and we got to see the location of it yesterday. The next step will be the footings and then the foundation. I’ve been told this part of the process goes pretty fast and it really has so far. I’m getting excited, as we get closer to framing the house and being able to walk through it. Stay tuned, it won’t be long now!


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