Floor Plans

If you read my last post then you know that after searching for the perfect house my husband and I finally found a classic farmhouse design called the Glenview Cottage. It’s a Moser Design Group plan and named by Southern Living who sells many of their floor plans, including the popular Sugarberry Cottage. My favorite part of the Glenview floor plan is the living room, dining room, and kitchen configuration. I love how open it is, yet still separating rooms into their own spaces with large opened walls. There was one major problem we had with the floor plan though and that is having a downstairs master suite . We both agreed that with our boys being so young we’d prefer to be upstairs and close by. I know they won’t be young forever but I couldn’t help thinking of having to stumble through the dining room and up the stairs every time there was a nightmare, monsters under the bed or any of the hundred reasons my kids get up every night. Besides the problem of our young children being so far away, we really just preferred floor plans with the master room upstairs. So the question was if we could make the Glenview Cottage work for us? Could we somehow get a master suite upstairs?


First Floor of the Glenview Cottage

glenview cottage floor 1.PNG

Second Floor of the Glenview Cottage

glenview cottage floor 2.PNG

We took the floor plans and some other inspirational photos to a local and very knowledgeable draftsman. He was great to work with and together we designed a completely new floor plan, keeping the parts of the Glenview we loved. We added an attached garage to the back of the house, replacing the screen porch and adding a master suite above the garage. The staircase had to be moved and shaped differently, the laundry room was moved upstairs and many windows and doors were changed. The plan has some unique features that I’m really excited about seeing when this floor plan actually becomes a house.

We still have that simple classic front design and wrap around porch side of the Glenview Cottage but the back and other side of the exterior will be different. In the interior we made sure to keep the living room, dining room, and kitchen layout, that I loved so much, although the kitchen itself is a different layout.  Lastly, due to the location of our drain field and proposed driveway, we had the plans reversed. This was difficult for me at first since I had been looking at the plans for about six months, already planning furniture layouts in my head. Reversing them just seemed backwards to me but now I’ve had plenty of time to wrap my brain around them and just can’t wait to see this new house, perfectly designed just for our family!


One thought on “Floor Plans

  1. I just found your blog in my search for pictures and reviews of the glenview cottage. I’m really interested in the changes you made to it. We are wanting to add a garage too. Is there anyway you could send me a sketch of your changes?


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